My List

Things I want to do:

live someplace with a view
✓ attend a World Cup match
-get a travel article published in a well known newspaper or magazine
return to Bhutan for an extended period
-try surfing (can asthmatics surf safely? can't carry an inhaler in a wet suit...)
-learn a classic Japanese enka song to be my karaoke standby
-learn to do backwards crossovers (ice skating)
-see Domoto Tsuyoshi live (in concert is preferable but whatever)
-meet Nicky Wire
-be an extra in a Bhutanese movie
-have one of my blog posts go 'viral' or at least picked up by HuffPost or better
-always maintain my ability to speak/read Japanese
-learn to ride a motorcycle and get an M licence
-figure out my personal style and downsize my wardrobe/cut back on shopping
-have a ride in a helicopter (not as a medical/emergency evacuation, though)
-have a small photo show, like at a local coffee shop
-finally master the crow pose for more than two seconds
-adopt a dog
-do a long walking trip (long enough to be traceable on a globe) such as the Nakasendo
take a long train journey
-lay off the self-loathing?

The top places I want to visit (as of August 2014):

✓ Taiwan
-Faroe Islands
-Western Australia
-Haida Gwaii
all the areas of Bhutan I haven't been to yet
-West Africa
Central Asia
✓ Denmark and Sweden
-full drive around Iceland
-Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage (a 3 month, 1200 km hike)

Where I've been so far:

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