About me

The short version:
I'm Andrea. I'm a dual citizen of Canada and Australia. I live in Toronto. I'm a government worker in the field of archaeology. I love to travel, especially solo and especially to Asia. I also love maps, chocolate, tea, history, World Cup and dresses.

The long version:
Growing up, my family moved several times between Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Geelong in Victoria, Australia. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2001. I majored in Archaeology with minors in Earth Sciences and Japanese. As part of my studies, I spent a season excavating with the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii, Italy. From these experiences in Pompeii, I developed an interest in site management, public archaeology and the interpretation of heritage places.

After graduating from U of T, I spent a year working as an English language instructor for AEON Corporation near Osaka, Japan.

In 2002, I entered the master’s program in Managing Archaeological Sites at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London in London, England. My research interests at UCL focused on the archaeology of “first voice” cultures and heritage site interpretation, particularly the interpretation of urban heritage. As an intern at the Museum of London, I worked on the London Wall Walk project which was an interpretive plan for the remaining Roman and Medieval walls within the city. I received my M.A. in 2003 with the completion of my dissertation, “City Sites: Presenting Archaeology in Urban Contexts". My dissertation was a practical comparison of different interpretation strategies including panels/plaques, walking tours, guide maps and open-air displays.

I worked as a research archaeologist at Archaeological Services Inc. in Toronto from 2004 to 2010. I researched, wrote reports and drew maps primarily for Stage 1 and 2 pre-development archaeological assessments within southern Ontario and I assisted with project management and many other aspects of ASI's operations. I worked as a field archaeologist on numerous assessments around Southern Ontario. I was also involved in special projects such as Doors Open and other public education initiatives. I proposed, researched and wrote text for the two first Heritage Toronto panels pertaining to Aboriginal archaeology.

In 2010, I spent several months in Bhutan working as a volunteer consultant to create an illustrated cultural map of Thimphu, the capital city.  I got the idea to create this map when I visited this city as a tourist in 2009. I'm very grateful to Business Bhutan for sponsoring my work visa and for making the project possible. The map is now available for purchase at the philatelic office at the main post office in Thimphu, at the Paro Airport post office and at various book and souvenir shops around Thimphu.

I am currently employed by the Government of Ontario at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

My dream job would be to work on tourism programs and maps or heritage site management, including world heritage site nominations. I am based in Toronto now but I would willingly relocate to Japan, Bhutan, Hong Kong or pretty much any large centre in East/Southeast Asia.

If you would like someone to create an attractive, useful and well researched cultural tourism map for your area of the world, please contact me!

the joy of exploration!
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