Sunday, May 08, 2016

6 months leave

This is kind of big news although it has been in the works for two years. I've taken six months of unpaid leave from work to travel. I've given up my apartment and put my stuff into storage. Here's the plan I've come up with after months of overtime work, saving and planning:

Trip 1
May 8: transit
May 9-19: UK (Bristol, Cardiff, London to see Manic Street Preachers two nights)
May 19-22: Istanbul
May 23-31: Uzbekistan
May 31-June 3: Tajikistan
June 3-7: Kazakhstan
June 7-13: Kyrgyzstan

Trip 2
June 29-30: transit
July 1-21: Bhutan (Eastern tour, Thimphu, Haa)
July 21-31: India (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi)

Trip 3
August 8: transit
August 10: Australia (Victoria only)
>>> August 25-Sept 3: Tasmania 
Sept 9-23: Japan (Kansai only)

Trip 4
October 7: transit
October 8-23: Myanmar
October 23-25: Hong Kong

November 3: back to work, bankrupt

Right now I'm at my departure gate at the Toronto airport while my first flight of about two dozen this year is delayed for parts replacement. Not a great start as I am very likely to miss my non-refundable bus connection to Bristol and I may end up having to kill several hours at Gatwick for the next available transit. I thought an hour and 40 minutes would have been enough to catch the bus but... I guess not. Thanks AirTransat. I can only hope I'm getting the worst over with at the start.


Rob Chant said...

Exciting stuff! If you fancy a trip up to Cambridge while you're in London I'd be happy to show you around.

PaSsu said...

You are the most insane person I have seen outside the books and movies, who lives life in the moment... rest of us just dream to do what you do. Who else works for 2 years and goes on 6 months holiday! Gosh. I love your life.
But again, would I travel like you if I had the luxury? Perhaps NO.

Amsterdam said...

Hi Andrea, I hope you had a blast! Looking forward reading your stories! Cheers!

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