Sunday, August 23, 2015

4 songs

Apropos of nothing, here are four songs I've been playing a lot recently.

"New music"? What is that?

Up On The Catwalk - Simple Minds

Available on iTunes.

Pictures of You - The Cure
I actually prefer the longer, original version from the Disintegration album but I couldn't find a decent YouTube video to embed.

Available on iTunes.

Dream Dream Dreaming - Glasvegas
Regional pronunciation is such a rare and precious thing in English language pop music. There's more than a hint of Glasgow here.

Available on iTunes.

Everything Fades - Nicky Wire
Nicky Wire is lyric writer and bassist for my beloved Manics. His lo-fi solo album is likely to be "niche interest only" but I have INTENSE FEELINGS about this song.

Too indie for iTunes. Try Amazon or eBay.

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