Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Is it over yet?

Pond Hockey - December 2013
Pond Hockey - December 2013

Is winter over yet? It's been a bad one. Over 100 days of snow and 35 extreme cold alert days. For a while, it seemed like something might have gone awry with Earth's yearly revolution. Were we 'stuck' on winter?

Now it's April and change is starting. Nothing is growing yet but there are other signs. At the bus stops, the dry old husks of ice are melting to reveal hundreds of cigarette butts, plastic coffee lids and all the other urban detritus. Seasonal headaches have arrived for those of us who are susceptible. The 14 day forecast shows only two more days with the potential for snow and two more days below freezing. Surely we are safe to say it now: spring is here.

Winter wrap-up:
-My photo walk during the great ice storm that trashed Southern Ontario.
-The horrible truth about Toronto winter "fashion"
-I'm usually an 'eat lunch at my desk while I continue to work' person but this winter, I kept my ice skates at the office and made an effort to enjoy skating at the city hall rink a few times a week
-Knitting eye-catching cozy things, including the epic pompom hat below

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