Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vintage Hallowe'en Greetings

Thanks to Kate Beaton of Hark, a vagrant! for sharing this fulsome gallery of vintage Hallowe'en cards. 1,550 cards and counting!

Here is a selection of favourites. Click images for source. So many expressive pumpkin faces!

"Because I was not good you see This fierce old witch is after me. Be good." - copyrighted 1907

"Hallowe'en" - What kind of vegetables are those legs?
"Hallowe'en Greeting - Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief, Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Chief" - Pick a pumpkinhead!

"At the witching hour hang a bell of Gold Round a cat's neck and he'll do what he's told" - Someone try this please?

"A Hallowe'en Wish - On Hallowe'en your slightest wish is likely to come true, so be careful, or the gobelins will spoil your wish for you" - GREAT star print dress, lady, but your compost heap date looks leery.

"I will get raven mad - if I do not hear from you soon" - This raven looks indifferent, though.

"The highest expectations for HALLOWE'EN" - How I wish to drift away in this vacant-eyed dirigible.
"The Magic Hallowe'en - All Hallowe'en, the magic night... when folly reigns supreme, the pumpkin heads are all alight, the stars are all agleam"

"Hallowe'en Greetings - May you much fun on Hallowe'en find, and entertainment of all kind." - The jack'o'lantern gazes tenderly at its creator.
"On Hallowe'en your ball of yarn from out the window fling, and he who is to be your fate will come to wind the string!" - I'm a knitter so I can confirm that this one is legit.

"All Hallowe'en - On Hallowe'en strange sights are seen" - such as a pumpkin rocking a fine silk robe.

"The Hallowe'en Lantern - At twelve o'clock you must be ready and hold your pumpkin good and steady for by its rays of candle light on Hallowe'en all things are bright!" - Oh, that moon!
"With Best Wishes for Hallowe'en" - Another pumpkin comes a-courting.

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