Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Icelandic Musicians

Here are some tunes to accompany my much delayed Iceland posts.

Dýrð í dauðaþögn by Asgeir Trausti
We listened to this album probably 50 times on the drive around Iceland. The video below amuses me. It almost looks like Asgeir told his six best friends that they could be on TV if they learned to play the snare drum and all six came through for him.


I Forget It's There by Lay Low
You probably would not guess that she is Icelandic if I hadn't told you. Sounds more Nashville than Reykjavik to me, but I like it.


Góða tungl by SAMARIS 
Apparently the band members are all 18 years old. Are there any teenagers making such atmospheric music outside of Iceland?


Bonus: Rain by Eivør
She is not Icelandic but Faroese. We listed to her album maybe 27 times on the tour and now I can't think of anything but erosion and glacial geology when I hear it. Incidentally, I definitely want to check out the Faroe Islands someday. Anyone else?

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