Sunday, December 30, 2012

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning - by Hannes Beer (original)

Teacher's pet for life! I love taking classes and lessons and did quite a few in 2012.

Courses and Lessons I took in the Past Year:
-Knitting lesson at Shall We Knit. We learned how to make the renowned 'Baby Surprise Jacket' which I have not attempted since.
-Complete Travel Writer 13-week course at George Brown College (highly recommended)
-Dragon boat club lessons
-Archery lesson at Casa Loma
-Trends and Issues in Tourism 13-week course at George Brown College
-Bicycle Maintenance 101 (I already forgot everything)
-I accompanied my friend Nicole to a Japanese class while visiting her for a weekend
-At work, various courses on making effective presentations, interview skills and clear writing
-Vietnamese cooking lesson with Culture.licious, a new Toronto-based series of cooking classes (also recommended!)
-Adult ice skating lessons at Harbourfront

Courses I almost took:
-Introduction to Tea course at George Brown College. This is part of the Certified Tea Sommelier Certificate (what? cool!). Although the whole course is only four classes, each class is from 6:30pm to 10pm which is rather a lot to ask of me after a full day of work.
-Japanese conversation classes. I went to the local Japanese school, had an immersion-style level check interview and reading comprehension test. I hadn't really spoken Japanese for several years and was only expecting to be pinned as intermediate level. However, the teacher determined that I would belong in the advanced level class. Sadly, there are currently no other advanced level students so I would have to pay for private lessons. As much as I enjoy speaking Japanese, this would be too expensive as a hobby.

Ideas for 2013:
-Introduction to machine sewing?
-Motorcycle licensing course?
-Maybe that tea course...
-Another Culture.licious lesson?
-Possibly look for a Japanese language exchange buddy
-If there was a class to teach me how to style my longish hair, I'd do it. I don't have a clue.
-Couch to 5K training or clinic (for asthmatics, ideally...)
-I'm signed up for another session of skating lessons!

What did you learn this year? Any plans for next?

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