Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheap Ikea Bar Cart!

I'm into cocktail mixing. The issue: my collection of liquor bottles was taking up half the counter space in the kitchen. Meanwhile, there was space in my living room to house the array of happy hour supplies.

Bar carts are so trendy-trendy right now which means they are expensive. I am not about to spend $500 on a vintage reproduction cart. Instead, I found something that fit the bill for $40.

The Ikea BYGEL utility cart is actually for kitchen or office use but at $39.99, I made it work for my purposes. The bottom tier fits all my 750ml bottles. The top tier of the cart can be installed as a tray which is perfect for helping to prevent bottles and glasses from being knocked over the edge. As for the middle tier, you can see below that the cart comes with a drawer, but Mickey-sized bottles (375ml) couldn't fit in there with the drawer installed. Also, the drawer sticks and it really has to be yanked out which puts all the bottles at risk of toppling. I discarded the drawer. Everything fits. I added a couple of cheap placemats cut to fit the shelves, and two trays to hold my bar tools and shakers. I'm happy - this is so much more sophisticated than a jumble of bottles cluttering the kitchen counter.

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L.R. said...

oooh! I'm so glad you put up a picture with it loaded up! I've been thinking about that one but you just never know until you see em with things on them!

LOVE it!

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