Sunday, July 08, 2012

TV Alert! The Curse of the Axe

Attention all Ontario residents who have cable TV: please tune in to History Television on Monday night at 8pm. There's a new documentary, 'The Curse of the Axe', about an important archaeological site which was excavated in the Greater Toronto Area in the mid-2000s. Please watch and gain a completely different perspective on life in this region 500 years ago. Read the Toronto Star write-up here.

Indeed, the title of the doc is a little tawdry, but the common viewer would not tune in to watch a show called, 'Origins of a trade axe recovered from the Mantle Site, Stouffville'.

I attended a pre-screening of the doc and I am impressed to see Ontario Aboriginal archaeology getting this kind of treatment. I would like to see more of it. Whenever someone finds out I work in archaeology, the immediate assumption is that I must work in the Middle East (usually Egypt). Actually, people have been in Ontario for at least 11,000 years.

UPDATE: The entire documentary can be watched online! I don't know if this works for viewers outside of Canada, though. Go HERE, select ‘Curse of the Axe’ from the Featured Videos list on the left, then select Feature Presentation.

Full disclosure: the company featured in the show was where I worked for six years. I spent a couple of days excavating at the site but this film was made some time later.

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