Thursday, March 08, 2012

Grandient Effects + Some Old Photos

Many thanks to the talented Pugly Pixel for this tutorial on adding ombre effects in Photoshop. I had fun playing with the colour in some of my old photos - it changes the mood of the image completely. I've not left the country for over a year and there are no trips coming up on the horizon for me, so this will be the best I can do in terms of travel photography for now.

Nara - violet
Nara, Japan, 2006 (really different details from the original photo)

Angkor Thom - green
Angkor Thom, Cambodia, 2007 (original)

Eiffel Tower - pink
Eiffel Tower, taken on a grad school research trip way back in 2003 (original)

King's Canyon - rust and blue
King's Canyon, NT, Australia, 2008 (original)

Halong Bay - purples
Halong Bay, Vietnam, 2007 (original)

Gion - peachy
Gion, Kyoto, Japan, 2006 (original)


Kayla said...

Wow! they look awesome! I keep saying I want to learn more photoshop, but I never get around to it.

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