Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bhutanese Royal Couple in Japanese Manga

This Japanese comic (magna) about the King and Queen of Bhutan popped up when I was browsing on Tumblr. Posted here, the original source info is missing but it must date to last November when the very highly regarded royal couple visited Japan, causing "BHUTAN MANIA".

I pulled out my old Kanji dictionary to take a shot at translating. Here's my guess, reading the bubbles from right to left:

*clap clap clap clap clap*
"Congratulations on your marriage!"
"King Wangchuk is soooo cool!"
"I've been hearing about the handsome king for some time but...
...ever since the wedding announcement, he has become even more a topic of conversation."
"It makes sense that there are so many people here!"
"Looks like there are Japanese people here, too!"
"As Bhutan is a pro-Japan nation [親日国家], its relationship with Japan is very good."
"Really? I'm so glad!"

(To find the original source of this image, I used TinEye reverse look-up, I did several searches using Japanese characters and I e-mailed the person on Tumblr who must have removed the source info. No luck. If you know the source or at least the manga series title, please leave a comment.)

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