Sunday, November 27, 2011

November life update

On October 6th, I wrote:

"1) my job contract got extended by one month
2) last week, I had an interview for an interesting but fairly challenging position
3) the position I have now will be interviewing for a one year contract soon so I applied for that along with around 30 other people
4) even if 2 and 3 don't work out, I am feeling more optimistic for myself."

At this point, late November, #1 has concluded.
#2 did not end in my favour.
#3 also did not end in my favour.
#4 was the right attitude because even though I did not get either of the jobs I interviewed for, my contract was unexpectedly extended for six more months. So, I will continue as a public servant of the province until late May, 2012. It is a good result for me and this time, I will do a better job of planning for my contract's end than last time.

Six months is a nice, neat chunk of time and so I've set out a few goals for myself. Obviously, getting something arranged to do next is the big one. I also aim to improve my knowledge and work style in the context of my current employment. I want to do more with my free time and I've already signed up for this course on travel writing (want to join me?). Finally, I need to return some attention to my health and fitness which has been very much neglected since I started my job last April.

My blogging has also been rather neglected this month. I had written a very lengthy post showing how a certain journalist/blogger has systematically stolen photos and posts from me and passed all of this (plus other stolen content) off as her own. It was shocking to discover, to be honest, and especially upsetting to see this woman accepting lots of praise and compliments on stuff she stole from me. When I named and shamed her, the blogger apologized and removed the stolen photos and words. I thought of somehow removing all the information identifying that blogger from my post, just to keep a record of what happened, but once I removed her name, her links and the screen-grabs of the plagiarized material, there was very little left in my post. Not really worth leaving, I thought.

I have seen  over 7000 unique hits on this post's page but not a single comment, which is amusing. It says a lot about what a low percentage of readers actually leave comments. Many comments did come via Twitter, e-mail and Facebook which don't show up here, of course.


Kayla said...

I think you should put your post about the stolen content back up and add how you found it and the results. I think it would be useful for other bloggers to see how you handle it to get such a positive result.

Andrea said...

Thanks for your thoughts. You know, someone else said the very same thing, so perhaps it would be a smart thing to do. It will take me some time to post, though, because significant editing will be required.

Lara said...

So glad she removed that content and actually apologized. A lot of people just disappear, tucking their tail between their legs. Def put it all back up. It's a problem a lot of people experience. And yeah! No one leaves comments! It bums me out so bad since I love having dialogue with readers.

Happy that your job got extended. 6 months is indeed a great chunk of time to start kicking butt for your next project!
Crossing my fingers you get your goals chipped away at! :)

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