Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Content Theft: A Fake Travel Blog!

The content theft issue I had written about here has now been resolved. The posts containing the stolen photos and text have been deleted. Having received an apology from the guilty party, I decided to delete my entire post here rather than to edit it to remove all mention of that person. Thanks for your support.


Paul Hillier Photography said...

yeah that's not cool on a load of different levels! If i were you, I'd seek legal action. Contact this person. Say that you're flattered that she would use you're works and that the fee for using said works is such and such. As well according you're license agreement all images should be post credited to you and your site, if not there is an additional fee.

As a photographer, this is what i would do.

Anuj said...

At least the threat of legal action is warranted. And public shaming for sure!! This no longer is the 90's when one could just "steal " internet content.

Perhaps she has been paid to write for a travel magazine/blog, and she swiped your photos & words. (I cant think of any other reason why someone would pretend to have visited a country. What a sad sad person).

Maybe you can do a search for those specific phrases of yours that she's copied and see if it show sup in any print/online 'respectable' publication & then contact those sites.

Very frustrating. Sorry you have to go thru this.

Lara said...

I sent her a tweet. This is a CRIME and you could sick a lawyer on her. She needs to remove all of your content NOW.

So sorry this happened. It happened to one of my posts too. :(

D. said...

This is truly sickening. In the internet age, we writers/photographers rely on good faith and basic respect for each others' copyright and originality as a code for our own work being respected too. There really are no easily enforceable laws - especially across borders - so all we can rely on is ethics and decency.

I'm really sorry you had to go through the experience of having your own very beautiful words and thoughts and images being violated by someone too selfish or lazy to come up with her own. How absolutely shameful.

You've done her a huge favor both by calling her on it, and by being gracious enough to delete your previous post that names her and lays out all the damning evidence. It is questionable whether she deserves this sort of luck, but you have emerged the much, much bigger person for it.

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