Sunday, June 05, 2011

my apartment - living room

Living Room - desk and couch

I've been here at my new address for two months now so I am settled in. Not counting my spacious and temporary suite at Rabten Apartments, this is my first one bedroom apartment. So, this is my first real living room to be separated from the bed area.

Living Room - couch and rug

My two main purchases for the apartment were the couch and the rug. The couch is from Structube and it flattens out into a twin-sized bed. If you come to visit, you can have the bedroom and I'll take the couch! It's a firm, low couch and I like the black and white hatched pattern. Most importantly, it was within my budget.

The rug came from Homesense which is one of those stores where there may be only one of a certain item. I saw this gray starburst rug and loved it but it was too expensive for an impulse buy. I thought about it for a week before returning to the store. Not only was the rug still there but the price was reduced by 25%! So, I love it even more. The rug is wool, made in India and the starburst centres are mottled green.

Living Room - couch and window

The framed tree print was purchased in London in 1969 by my dad and discovered in the family basement by me in 2011.

The green and black length of silk is from Kashaya Silk in Phnom Pehn. I love green!

Living Room - desk and window

The window looks out to the narrow space between the houses. Nothing scenic. That's my recently revived jade tree on the small table to the far left. Next to it is an old school desk covered with a purple silk scarf. The small white TV is a cast-off from my parents although I added the antenna. I pretty much only watch an episode or two of The Simpsons when I get home from work, plus House on Mondays, so no need for cable. This summer, the analog TV signal will be replaced with digital so I guess this simple set-up will cease to function.

Living Room - desk

Basic desk, basic chair. iMac which is getting long in the tooth. My important documents are stored in that William Morris file folder. It used to be overflowing until I did a huge sort-and-shred session. Banks send too many documents, you know? Do I need a letter to be told that I earned $0.36 in interest? The carpet bulletin board is a standard thing for me. This version isn't really finished, though.

Living Room - desk decor

The big turquoise vase came from a garden shop below Hampstead Heath in London - my mum carried it back as hand luggage when she visited me there. Thanks! The purple tray is from Ikea and has been endlessly handy in all my different apartments. It has converted a radiator into a bedside shelf, for example. The framed Japanese blotting papers have been around for a while.

Living Room - desk and chair

Beside the desk is my good old Ikea Poang chair with a cushion from Bookhou given by Meghan and a snuggly, purple yak blanket from Chhumey, Bhutan. On the green table are two pieces of Japanese calligraphy which were given by former students of mine.

Living Room - bookshelf and drawers

Opposite the desk is my bookshelf and chest of drawers which I no longer need to hold clothing since I have so much more storage these days. It is half empty, the other half is craft supplies. I know you are thinking, "She doesn't have many books. I have lost respect for her." You are right, I don't own many books. But I read! I am a library user more than a book buyer! Plus, quite a lot of my books are still at the family house.

Readers of Vietnamese extraction, please don't be offended by the Vietnam war propaganda poster I have displayed here. It is a souvenir from Ho Chi Minh City. On the dresser is a shadow box of items from Kyoto plus a small bunny dressed in samurai armor (a gift from Nicole). Also, there's my archaeology trowel.

The two blue vinyl chairs were left in the apartment by the previous tenant. I tried to give them away, then I was planning to sell them on CraigsList but eventually, I got used to leaving my coat and purse on them. So, they are staying.

Welcome to my place! It contains memories from quite a lot of other places.


Rob Chant said...

Awesome set-up! Those vinyl chairs are classic pieces ;).

bunnyhero said...


Sheri said...

Your apartment is absolutely lovely and everything works perfectly together. You've managed to create a serene place that is also interesting in it's details -- not easy for many people to achieve.


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