Monday, March 28, 2011


Waterloo winter

#1 I have a new job, starting on Friday! It's a six month contract in government work which I won't go into detail about. But, it is the flip-side of the work I did for six years at my previous position. I interviewed over a month ago and didn't express myself very well in the session so I didn't expect to be hired, but somehow, I was. I am quite surprised it only took three months to find a job in my field. Last time I was unemployed, pre-recession, it took nine months.

#2 Because I have a new job, I also have a new apartment, also starting on Friday. I have yet to figure out how I am going to move my furniture from here to my new place in Toronto with only moral support from friends and family. It just happened to work out that I am on my own (assistance-wise) for this move. I may hire professionals just to get it done. I could rent a truck myself again, but I don't have anybody in this town who can help me load the heavy furnishings. As independent as I am, I cannot carry a double box spring up a flight of stairs alone.

#3 In preparation for my new job, I had my eyes checked and found out that the new yellow-ish bump on my eyeball actually is something more than my imagination. I have a "pinguecula", or a callous on the eye itself which is caused by excessive exposure to UV and/or wind. It isn't dangerous or treatable, but it does make part of my eye really red sometimes. The optometrist told me it is quite common in farmers or people who live around the Equator or in the Andes who don't wear sunglasses. Then I mentioned I had recently spent several months in the Himalayas and she said, 'that explains it'. Also, as I have wide, pale eyes, she said I'd be more vulnerable in those conditions. So, I should have worn my sunglasses more. Thus, my punishment for finding sunglasses annoying is a blotchy eye for the rest of my life. Wear shades, people!


Julie said...

Congrats! new job, and a new apartment, exciting!! sorry to hear about the eye thing, though- funnily enough, I also have a yellowy thing in my eye and never thought much of it.

Lara said...

Oh I bet you are soooo relieved to have the job and a new place!
I've beasted a queen mattress on my own up a flight a steps - no fun.

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