Thursday, February 24, 2011

33 things I love

my kendo bogu with a charm I got at Todaiji, Nara

Indulgent, yes: on the occasion of my 33rd birthday, here are 33 things I love. Places, food, songs, shows and such are not included.

whiskey sours
historical biographies
the scent of jasmine
gray, misty mornings
Roman and Medieval art with odd perspective
chocolate shops
omamori (embroidered luck charms, see photo above)
train trips
exact change
lunch out with a friend
hot, black tea brewed for just a few seconds
rugged landscape
neatly written lists
a place for everything and everything in its place
maps, maps, all kinds of maps
waking up one minute before my alarm rings
books about historical journeys
rooms with views
short, gamine haircuts
tall leather boots
sleeping with the window open
Japanese department stores
symbols of Buddhism (lotus, dorji, endless knot)
walking on a beach in winter
unexpected connections
colourful tights
visiting someplace new
rainy nights in spring
the colours green and black together
creating order from chaos
You! For humoring me by reading my words!

1 comment :

Rob Chant said...

Such a nice list, and happy birthday for last week!

The best historical biography I've read recently was Elizabeth by David Starkey, about the early years of Elizabeth I's life. Really worth reading. Even though you know what happens already, it still reads like a real cliffhanger.

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