Friday, January 21, 2011


Coming up, I'll have one more post each about Hong Kong and Bangkok, plus lots more photos and writing about Bhutan but I have to remind myself that, OH YEAH, I'm in Ontario now. And it's cold.

On that note, recently my parents and I took a winter drive to the north of Waterloo. This is Mennonite country, my friends. At West Montrose, we've got the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario, built in 1881. It's called the 'kissing bridge' because it affords passengers traveling in horse and buggy a brief moment of privacy. All international guests who visit my family are brought on a country ramble up here to take pictures. I don't know if I've ever seen it in the snow before, though.

Ooops. Accidental photo shows my un-winter-like bright spotted dress and green tights.

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Sare3 said...

My family does the same thing, taking all visitors out to see the bridge, and the market.
I like the bright colored dress, you gotta punch the color in the winter!

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