Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hong Kong Day 4

Another morning of aimless strolling around Sheung Wan.

Ladder Street

I had realized that there was no way I could do all the big Hong Kong (and Macao) attractions in just four days so I took the pressure right off myself and didn't feel guilty for spending such a high proportion of my time in one neighbourhood.

I already had several failed attempts at riding the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator. It was always running in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. On Sunday morning, I noted that it was running downhill, so I walked uphill much of the way as far as Mosque Street intending to ride down. When I reached the escalators, they had changed direction and were now going up. It was infuriating: the direction changes are not posted anywhere. So I rode up to the very top at Conduit Road although I knew it was all residential apartment towers up there.


From the Conduit Road pinnacle, I thought I might walk back down a different way, but then I spotted that the sidewalk seemed to vanish into a whirl of overpasses. I elected to hail a cab.


Now, more shopping!

Flagship store of the only luxury goods brand that really appeals to me, Shanghai Tang. I didn't buy anything (I already own a Shanghai Tang umbrella).

Bunny mannequins!

Kaiten-zushi and a pineapple ginger martini at Dozo Sushi on Lyndhurst Terrace.

New boots! I also bought a new carry-on case because my cabin baggage between Paro and Hong Kong consisted of an over-stuffed backpack and a burlap sack. Doesn't everyone buy new luggage in Hong Kong?

Now, for one sight-seeing expedition that was necessary: Victoria Peak. There was a significant line-up for the tram at the lower terminus but the wait was made interesting by a well curated collection of artifacts and old photos relating to the history of the Peak Tram.

At the peak, I discovered the true meaning of the term 'tourist trap'. The tram's upper terminus is inside this shopping complex. The developers must have intentionally made the layout so confusing that passengers struggle to find the exit and then end up going into a restaurant or the pricey viewing platform to admire the view. It honestly took me at least ten minutes to find a way out of the Peak Tower and into the outdoors.

A few photos from the nature trail:


As dusk approached, I set up my tripod. Here are two simple animations of the city lights:



I had bought a one-way ticket for the tram as I intended to get a different perspective by returning to Central by bus. Again, I nabbed a second floor window seat. The long trip gave me a very interesting view of mountaintop mansions and upper parts of the city I didn't get to explore otherwise.

I met Kiran again for dinner. We stayed around Central and rode the escalator up to Elgin Street which was a string of appealing little restaurants.


Kiran suggested Bistro Manchu, the only Manchurian restaurant in town. The Northern Chinese crafts and furnishings put me in the mood for a hearty meal. We tried a mushroom salad, lamb dumplings and a trio of veggies. Great stuff.

Bistro Manchu
Bistro Manchu

But the indulgence wasn't over yet! There were champagne cocktails to be had at Soho Junction then chocolate lava dessert at Chocoholic on Peel Street. Packing up my suitcases would have to be done early on Monday morning.

champagne cocktail


Val Soph said...

Nice boots, and pretty interesting time you had in HK! I travel to HK frequently too, but I am surprised that I have not taken the tram ride before! I will do that the next time round! :)

Lara said...

Gorgeous pics! Bunny mannequins!!!! So glad you showed the boots! They're fantastic!

Voz Portuguesa said...

Wow, looks like a great place to visit :) To bad this economy is affecting me too much :(

Carla Matador,
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