Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss Bhutan grand finale

Miss Bhutan pageant 2010

Already this morning, I've had numerous people land here searching for the results of the Miss Bhutan competition. Surely one of the newspapers or the official website would be a better source for this info, but since I was indeed at the grand finale...

... 2nd runner up was Tenzin Nordin, #15 (a co-worker's sister)
2nd runner up Tenzin Norden

...1st runner up was Kinley Yangden Dorji, #8
1st runner-up Kinley Yangden Dorji

...and the winner was Sonam Choden Retty, #13, who was very friendly to me at the taebo session.
Miss Bhutan 2010 Soman Choden Retty

Miss Bhutan and 2 runners-up

My photos are pretty bad since I inadvertently sat behind the judges' table.

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