Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, the awful effort.

moving van

It is simply not possible to move residences without seriously considering the adoption of a minimalist lifestyle. Having lifted everything I possess into a vehicle then lifting it out again, the conclusion is unavoidable: I have too much stuff. In my case, it was enough stuff to fill an extended cargo van (rented), three full loads in my dad's Jeep and one full load in my brother's hatchback. I feel badly for my parents because all those car loads of stuff are now taking up space in their basement.

Please note that I have lived in bachelorette apartments for the past six years. I can't even think about how difficult it is to move more than one room's worth of furnishings. My biggest volume of material consists of clothing. This is mostly because my size swings. I have dresses in sizes 4 through 16. I've got five plain knee-length black skirts but only one will fit at any given time. The problem is that I keep everything in the unrealistic hope that I'll be a size 4 again someday. By offloading items that don't fit now, am I accepting my unhealthy state as permanent? Tough call...

Moving is such an exhausting process and so I'm glad in my case it was for dual reasons: landlady selling up and me going to Bhutan. It would have been the worst if I'd had to move out to live elsewhere for a few months before my visa came through.

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Lara said...

sizes 4 - 16? Okay, that's just nuts! :)

I heard somewhere that it's reasonable to have 3 size ranges. We all fluctuate all the time so... 3 is manageable.

At what size were you most comfortable and would like to get back to? I know I will NEVER be a zero again. That's crazy. I'm about a 6 right now, (wouldn't mind being a 4 again and that's attainable without working tooooo hard) but I refuse to be an 8 and have to buy all new clothes. That's what kills me. Having to buy new stuff when I knew my jeans were getting tighter and I should've checked myself sooner and reigned in the gain. Stuff happens though. We're human.

I also heard that by holding onto the biggest and smallest sizes you're telling yourself you don't have confidence to keep your weight under control and you're also holding onto the past and unrealistic goals.

I hate thinking about that stuff but sometimes you have to get a little introspective.

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