Friday, August 13, 2010

last day at my job

the result of 6 years of desk work

In the interests of professionalism, I've never discussed my job here on Since this is my last day of work after six years in the position, I'll talk.

I'm a research archaeologist at a consulting firm, or I am for a few more hours anyway. This means that my main job is to combine info from various sources like field notes, nearby archaeological sites and historical archives, draw maps and bring everything together into a detailed report which fulfills requirements for a government review. My business card says 'research archaeologist' but I spend very little time doing actual field archaeology.

Although the company I have worked for is (I believe) the largest of its type in Canada, it is still a relatively small company. The great thing about working at a small company is that you get to turn your hand to almost everything the organization does. A true description of my duties would fill a whole resume page. The less great thing about working for a small company is that there are virtually no opportunities to climb the career ladder or even for a horizontal move. So, even though it is always a risk to walk away from steady employment, especially in my field, I shall take the leap and move on to try something different.

PS: For the truly curious, I have added my professional bio to this site. To be updated when I get to Bhutan!

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Les said...

Happy last day!

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