Monday, August 16, 2010

in transit

Hello! A quick photo post. It is 7:09 AM in Hong Kong. My flight arrived at 4:22 AM. I have walked the entire Y-shaped terminal and sat down to a bowl of Ajisen ramen for breakfast. There is a small branch of Muji in the departures terminal which opens at 8:00 AM. My flight boards at 8:30. The store is on the opposite branch of the Y from my departure gate. If I time it just right, I could look around for five minutes at opening time, then speed walk back to Gate 45 for my flight to Bangkok. I don't even need anything at Muji, but I have so few chances go into one of their stores.

I really like HKG although it isn't wildly different from other large airports. It's the setting in the sea surrounded by mountains which appeals to me.

HKG transit ramen

Updated with three post-boarding photos:

tarmac line up
wobbly air behond DragonAir
we're off!


Anonymous said...

I love love love MUJI. Heard they opened a new york store, and will have to check it out soon... Also, heard that Bhutan ranks 8th in happiest countries on earth in a magazine, thought of you... have a great time!!!

Rob Chant said...

I'm not a great fan of air travel, but awesome photos as usual ;). Delicious looking bowl of ramen too...

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