Friday, August 27, 2010

Here For One Week So Far


Stuff I Wish I had Brought Although My Luggage Was Too Heavy Already:

my Converse (they were in my bag but I removed them, thinking I had enough shoes but they would have been ideal for walking around town), warm slippers and bathrobe (why did I not bring my cozy comfort items?), more Savlon and digestive remedies, more books, more long sleeved T-shirts, more business cards

Notable People I Have Met So Far:
The Crown Prince, the Leader of the Opposition, Padtselking Tulku Rinpoche (a lama), and one Bollywood actor of local origin

Adjustments to Bhutanese Office Life:
Any food or drink items left on a desk overnight will be purloined, smoking in the office is okay after 6pm, nobody is bothered by high volume ringtones and people burst into snippets of song at random intervals, everyone chain-drinks tea, lunch is pot-luck, the washrooms are treacherous territory, people are very busy and work late into the evening

Children’s Outdoor Art Exhibitions Attended:
2 - Changjiji Colony and Clock Tower Square

Meals Out So Far:
Breakfast x 2, lunch x 5, dinner x 4, snack/tea x 5

Reason for The Above:
I don’t really know how to cook much using only gas burners, I’m getting lots of invitations, plus I’m getting my momo fix!

momos from VAST cafe


Peeved Michelle said...

Can you receive mail? If I sent you a care package from the US, would it ever arrive? peevedmichelle at yahoo dot com

PaSsu said...

I didn't know about your blog but it was nice going through it finally, thanks to sonam ongmo's blog. I am following you now on. Have a happy stay in Bhutan

Anonymous said...

you've gained weight?

Eva said...

"people burst into snippets of song at random intervals"

You're in a Bollywood movie! (That's why you met a film star =) )

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