Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Condensed To-Do List

☑ book Cathay Pacific and Druk Air flights
☑ cancel cell service and gym membership
☑ pack up everything from apartment
☑ moving out of apartment (over two week period)
☑ clean apartment
☒ find room in parents' house for all my stuff
☑ get travellers' cheques and large denomination cash
☑ buy World Nomads insurance just in case since I'm clumsy
☑ book hotel for Tuesday night Bangkok stop-over
☑ pick up Hong Kong dollars for transit and the stop-over on return trip
☑ scan grad school notes to PDF
☑ prescription renewals
☑ finish up at work, pass files to replacement, delete all personal files
☒ launch web survey for map project
☑ distribute various surplus possessions such as shoes and booze
☑ pick up a few more gift items
☑ pack suitcase and carry-on
☑ charge Macbook and iPod for flight/transits
☒ jot down notes from 'Mapping Culture' guidebook
☒ final Shoppers Drug Mart run

Twelve hours to go 'til I leave for the airport.

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