Friday, July 09, 2010

World Cup, cont.

The World Cup rolls on and so do the celebrations. I thought the streets in this neighbourhood would be quiet now that Italy, Portugal and Brazil are all out, but fans of various other teams continue to make themselves known. Yes, I should have been updating these as they happened but unfortunately the heat wave has evaporated all my ambition for doing anything.

I haven't had any preference for teams to cheer for since the quarter finals. At this point, I take Marge Simpson's philosophy for the race track: "Can't I bet that all the horses will have a fun time?"

Anyway, here are some Spanish fans partying in front of the Plaza Flamingo on Wednesday after their semi-final win.

Spain fans on College Street
Spain fans on College Street

And here are Brazil and Portugal fans way back on the day of that most glorious 0-0 draw.

I appreciate when local businesses make an effort with World Cup themed window displays. Here's Type Books on Queen Street. A TV in the window of a book store!

Type World Cup display
Type World Cup display

And here's The Done Right Inn, a few doors down with a changeable schedule display. Nice touch: the guy walking past whistling "Wavin' Flag" as I took this photo.

the Done Right Inn

This one at Motoretta is actually from the previous World Cup, but what the heck. The photo is relevant.

World Cup Display at Motoretta

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