Monday, May 10, 2010

remembering Minda Pearl

I read this as an addendum to the eulogy my dad gave at my grandmother's memorial and also at her interment last weekend. Several people asked me for copies of this list, so I'm posting it here.

"When I remember Grandma, I'll think of these things:

- impossibly perfect cursive handwriting
- Afghan rugs made with yarn of every colour
- Reader's Digest magazine and condensed classics
- porcelain angels and crocheted snowflakes at Christmas
- milky tea at bedtime, served in the ironstone cups and saucers
- stacks of back issues of the Aurora Era Banner
- stories about the bakeries and everyone who ever worked there
- that much-admired rocking footstool
- sensible shoes and simple fashions
- trips to Doane Hall Pharmacy, dinners at Johnathan's
- red carnations
- churning out crafts for the church bazaar every year
- 'The Cockleshell Heroes'
- Dixie Cups and coloured drinking straws
- ice box cookies, arranged on the tiered crystal platter
- the wood-paneled station wagon
- reacting to news with a wave of the hand and, "Don't tell me, oh, don't tell me!"
- envelopes full of carefully collected newspaper clippings
- a gift of Dolly Dingle paper dolls for the granddaughters
- crocheted pink slippers, ideal for sliding across vinyl flooring
- photos and artwork from family members, displayed everywhere
- sitting on the porch and greeting the passers-by on Spruce Street
- jars of old buttons and bags of yarn ends
- the treasure chest jewelry box filled with old-fashioned brooches
- pinwheels in flower pots
- Jell-o prepared in mini Tupperware tubs
- Remembrance Day poppies worn with true gratitude
- a new craft to try every visit
- an great interest in and knowledge of family history
- elegant hands and dainty, tapered fingers
- jelly beans stored in the carved wooden bowl
- those iconic black and white portraits of the four children
- dolls.... dolls everywhere!
- gossip updates from Park Place Manor
- the world atlas, bookmarked with the destinations of all loved ones
- the "dog bone" neck pillows made for everyone who asked
- the stories about nursing school and never-forgotten classmates
- needlepoint creations for every season
- looking over old photo albums and re-telling all the stories behind each picture
- a passionate devotion to the Williams Family Picnic
- a curiosity about the world despite never having traveled all that far from home
- the much enjoyed collection of greeting cards and letters from friends and family
- hats, mitts, scarves and sweaters, hand knit with love to make them extra warm
- the cadence of a distinctive laugh
- sitting in those plaid easy chairs and talking late into the evening
- quietly holding my hand in moments when nothing needed to be said

I'm lucky to have so many memories of my generous, sweet and loving grandma."


greg said...

There is a strong family resemblance in that picture.

Sarah Von said...

lovely, lovely post <3

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