Monday, May 31, 2010

List: 4 Places I'd Like to be Right Now

Illustration by Maria Kalman

• on an unhurried trip to Bagan and Mrauk U in Myanmar
• exploring Yangshuo, China (inspired by The Cherry Blossom Girl's photos)
• shopping for fancy tea and cassis or jasmine macarons in Paris!
Eastern Bhutan, discovering landscapes with no particular itinerary

And you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea... Just saw this article and thought of you:

Bhutan infusing happiness in math, science classes


Anonymous said...

And another one today, I guess The Star is on a roll!

Bhutan filmmakers starting to take risks

Andrea said...

Thanks for your links, Anonymous!
Looks like a Star correspondent visited recently and is churning out articles.

Suzy said...

Oh, I love Maira Kalman. Have you read Sayonara Mrs Kackleman? It's the best kids book about Japan I've found.

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