Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"The Island isn't done with us yet."

The Numbers via LOST 365

Technically, it's nothing much to be proud of but I'm really happy to have caught up with LOST! I watched the first episode when it aired in September 2004, then I power-watched Season 1 and half of 2 some time later. This spring, I got through Seasons 2 through 6 up until today's episode. And now I'm able to see the final four episodes as they are broadcast. I'm excited because I don't have to avoid past season spoilers that will come out in all the fuss that is being made over the series finale on May 23rd!

I am really into LOST, more than any other live-action show I've ever watched. I love the themes and the motifs. I love the Dharma Initiative logos, stations and jumpsuits. I love The Numbers. I love that the plot is so crazy, there's no way to guess what will happen. I love that the writers are making it up as they go along, pulling elements from early episodes into greater significance later. I love that in the middle of all the weirdness, there are many funny moments, too.

Almost as entertaining as it is to speculate about the theories, symbols and connections is checking out all the creativity that LOST has inspired! Here's my round-up of the coolest LOST themed stuff out there.

- The LOST Underground Art Show
- More artwork at LOST 365
- LOST Season 6 factions chart
- LOST inkblots. What do you see?
- The Losties, Simpsons style
- bake your own Dharma fish biscuits!
- sweet Oceanic Flight 815 ticket party invitation
- or book your Oceanic flight online!
- dramatic black and white LOST tarot cards
- Dharma Initiative labels for all your preserved foodstuffs, including Hugo's fave
- vintage Dharma Initiative ads
- LOST posters, colour and Season 6 black and white
- LOST characters as cartoons 
- Hatch cake!
- LOST alphabet, Edward Gorey style
- map of The Island, and a few more for good measure
- DELIGHTFUL Valentines cards
- Bingo cards for LOST watching parties (probably outdated now)
- Dharma Initiative Macbook decal

LOST info sources:
- Official LOST Seasons 1 to 5 recap in 8 minutes, 15 seconds
- Interactive LOST timeline from NYT
- comparison of Flight 815 from Seasons 1 and 6
- Lostpedia gathers up all info on the LOST world
- SL-LOST.com is another resource for clips, images, interviews and recaps

Comment: Even considering the smoke monster, time travel, and immortality, the most unrealistic aspect of LOST is the fact that there were so few Australians on a flight from Sydney to LAX. Agree or no?

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Julie said...

Loved this roundup!! Oh my god, the lost valentines area amazing- totally bookmarking those for next year.

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