Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my favourite street in Toronto

When I moved into my current apartment one year ago, I was happy to have found a place on what I considered to be the 'good' side of Dundas (the north side) and also on the 'good' side of Ossington Avenue (the east side). Then I started exploring my surroundings a little more and I found that there are many charming streets in areas I had dismissed as being geographically dodgy. The day I made my first run to the liquor store from my then-new apartment, I discovered Lakeview Avenue just west of Ossington.

Lakeview Avenue

The homes on this street are of typical Toronto bay-and-gable row-house style, but look! The spacious grassed front lawns are exceedingly unusual for such a central street. It gives the look of small-town Ontario right here in the big city. There's much more green here than is seen on neighboring streets.

Toronto bay-and-gable houses

I think it must be a very quiet place to live since 1) the street is one-way and it isn't really a short-cut to anywhere, 2) the wide front lawns must buffer the sound of the few cars that do pass by, and 3) there's a police station just around the corner.

looking south down Lakeview Avenue

I wonder if there ever really was a view of the lake from Lakeview Avenue? Perhaps when those houses were new, the attic windows might have afforded an unobscured outlook down to Lake Ontario.

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the fashionate traveller said...

Your neighbourhood looks absolutely lovely :) It makes me think I should post pics of mine, instead of it always being places on holidays, or fashion :)

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