Monday, March 29, 2010

my talented friend

I know I have written about my friend Meghan before - she's the one with her own line of bags and purses called Jack&Marjorie. Meghan is camera shy even though she always has the best hairstyle! That's her on the right, adjusting one of her eco-friendly creations.

Meghan and her husband also have the best apartment, filled with perfectly contrasting vintage and modern furniture which showcases a curated collection of interesting objects from their time in Tokyo and from other Canadian artists. I'm trying to convince her to let me do an Apartment Therapy-style photo post about her home.

Since I have spare time and a decent camera, Meghan asked me to take some photos of her newest collection of bags. We were battling grey skies and drizzle yesterday but in my non-professional opinion, I think some of the photos turned out well. Following true fashion shoot tradition, the model (Meghan's friend and former intern Stephanie) ended up being styled in Meghan's shoes and my jacket. But, the focus is still on bag, don't you think?

The new collection from Jack&Marjorie will be online very soon.

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meghan said...

Aww, thanks Andrea!! Would love for you to take pictures of our place, especially since we'll soon be leaving it...
And I also have a talented friend! I love the photos; you did an amazing job.

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