Wednesday, March 03, 2010

February's progress

Remember when I exercised everyday in January and the end result wasn't encouraging? I went on the record to say that in February, I would pay closer attention to what I eat while cutting back that strict work-out schedule.

I lost nine pounds in February's four weeks simply by counting calories. That's not enough of a change for anyone else to have noticed in me, but I'm feeling better. Hooray, I'm slightly less plump!

It's very tedious indeed to track every bite I take, but the effort is worthwhile if it helps me to be more aware of my behaviour. The weight loss is more impressive with acknowledgment that I was battling the following temptations during February: plentiful Valentine's treats at the office and everywhere else, birthday dinners out (two), birthday cakes (two), a birthday party at a fabulous dessert cafe, birthday gifts of chocolate from thoughtful friends (always much appreciated) and the arrival of Easter candy in stores (Cadbury Caramilk mini eggs, you complete me). Oooh, I'm feeling a little ill after typing out that list - now I'm really surprised I was able to lose anything at all.

When I started seeing positive changes, I got somewhat lax about sticking to the calorie numbers and exercising most days. I can do better if I try. Once again, to force myself into accountability, I will post March's progress in a few weeks. Also, if you're curious about what kind of plan I'm following, send me a message and I'll tell you about it directly. This really isn't a diet blog.

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