Saturday, March 27, 2010

+ & -

"Jade is the new Black" nail colour from OPI

I am borrowing My Milk Glass Heart's trademark + & - list format to sum up the week.

  • Spending a few work hours outside in the sunshine
  • Smart, funny and realistic comics by Corinne Mucha
  • 'Jade Is The New Black' nail polish by O.P.I. which, I noted while sipping my standard order (tall, non-fat, no-whip hot chocolate), is an exact match to Starbucks green
  • Another 'LOST' marathon down - I'm finished Season 3 now and I realize I've been buying more tropical fruits than usual
  • Speaking of groceries, I must be a a fool because I've lived within walking distance of Fiesta Farms for almost six years but I only ventured inside last weekend. The name and the bunker-like appearance of this place misled me into believing it was a wholesaler of produce: as a single person, I don't shop in bulk. But in reality, it is a fantastic independent supermarket which I should have been patronizing for years.
  • Half-price shoes bought online which fit perfectly and are totally comfortable. I love Clarks!
  • Cool artifacts to admire and enjoy
  • Being asked to write and provide photos for an article for the travel section of a major Asian newspaper
  • Knitting two similar projects at once, one me-sized and one baby-sized
  • Lunch hour sandwich safari thanks to the new Sky Blue Sky sandwich shop!

  • All week, I've been without energy, needing to head home for a nap straight from work then going to bed early, only to be exhausted the next day, too. I didn't get to the gym at all.
  • Besides being so tired, I've been ravenously hungry all week - too hungry to resist cravings for unhealthy stuff. Between this and the sleepiness, I undid several weeks of good habits.
  • I've also been in a non-specific low mood all week. There was no reason for it, until I got some actual bad news on Thursday.
  • I had to rub my eyes in disbelief when the weather forecast showed -15˚C for yesterday.
  • I tried on a sweet little dress at H&M. I loved the fabric and the print, and it was affordable. One problem: it was designed for people without cleavage. This happens often when I'm trying on clothes - I think the designers directly re-size the small clothing samples to the larger sizes without taking the female body into account. Really, what's the likelihood that a woman in double digit sized clothing is flat chested? Think, people, think.
  • The upstairs tenant enjoys smoking and cooking fish. Thus, I get to enjoy the second-hand stink.
  • Hot yoga. Sometimes I love hot yoga - my 90 minute class on Saturday morning can leave me revitalized and prepped for a great weekend. Other times, hot yoga makes me hyper-aware of every ounce of excess fat on my body. I attempt to bend, reach or twist, but a ridge of flesh prevents my movement. The slender instructor tries to force me down into the correct position but I don't think she understands my problem: I'm the only non-thin person in the class and I'm too humiliated to explain. My muscles and sinews are capable and willing but this newly settled flesh blocks the way. I end up overwhelmed with despair and self-loathing after the class, which isn't the point of yoga. Today, I'm skipping it in favour of some treadmill running.
  • The frustration of trying to contribute something positive but being stopped at every turn.

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Lara said...

This is so great! Nice to meet you and congrats on the writting offer!I'll def be subscribing and keeping in touch!

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