Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mmmmmore Mittenssss

Bird In The Hand Mittens 2

I'm really enjoying making small but very detailed projects now! Here's another pair of mittens I've finished off.

Bird In The Hand Mittens

the specs:
Pattern: Bird In The Hand, a free pattern from Jorid's Pattern Shop
Yarn: 2 balls of Baby Ull from Dale of Norway, purchased at Romni Wools
Modifications: The pattern calls for one heart on each mitt to be stitched over in a contrasting yarn plus a bird design to be stitched onto each palm (hence the 'bird in the hand' reference). I used red cotton to stitch over one heart and I decided I didn't like how it looked, so I decided not to clutter the look of the mittens and leave them as this simple two-tone pattern. Also, I changed the chevrons on the palms ever so slightly.
What I like: I love the birds! This is a terrific pattern!
What I don't like: Maybe if I made these again, I'd do a thicker folded-under cuff and perhaps I'd change the 'Fly Fly Fly Fly' wording to 'Fly Fly Away!' or something a little less symmetric.
Things to work on: I'm not perfectly consistent with the tension of the yarn as I swap between colours. Also, I kind of bungled the thumb joining. That's a skill I have not yet mastered.
Destination of project: I made these just because I wanted to try out the pattern. The pale blue doesn't go with any of my coats or jackets and besides, I have enough mitts and gloves already. What do you think I should do with these mittens? Who should get them? Suggestions welcome!
What's next: I started a jade green moss stitch cardigan. Let's see if I can make one adult-sized garment that isn't misshapen.

Bird In The Hand Mittens 3

Bird In The Hand Mittens 4

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Julie said...

Those mittens are amazing!! Great job.

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