Wednesday, February 10, 2010

List: Reasons for me to go back to Bhutan!

Nepali-style chorten in Trongsa
(photo: Chendebji Chorten)

-to see a tsechu (festival) since the small one I tried to attend was cancelled
-to see the unfurling of a thongdrol (a giant tapestry)
-to see a clear view from Dochu La (it was cloudy both chances I had)
-to see the flowers in spring
-to see the countryside in crop (everything had been harvested in November)
-to do the full hike to the Tiger's Nest Monastery since two factors (my hiking companions and my asthma) prevented me from going past the teahouse less than halfway up
-to get myself off that standard tourist route
-to contribute some of my heritage management know-how
-to hang out with the interesting people I've connected with

Taktsang teahouse
(photo: the teahouse on the way to the Tiger's Nest)

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greg said...

-to write a book

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