Monday, February 22, 2010

TimTam Slam!

Tim Tams!

Back in the day, my only supply of the iconic Aussie TimTam biscuit came through the suitcases of cross-globe travelers. That meant I got my hands on just one or two slightly damaged packages per year.

Times have changed. TimTams are no longer a rare commodity in Canada although their availability doesn't diminish their chocolaty lusciousness. At a supermarket walking distance from my parents' place in Waterloo, there's even a display of TimTams. Another sign that the world is getting smaller.


Michel Savoie said...

I had my first taste of TimTams 2 weeks ago when a friend of mine returned from visiting her family in New Zealand! I've been dying for more! I'll have to go on an excursion now that I know that they might be found here!

Andrea said...

Michel, I often see TimTams at Loblaws, especially at the Forest Hill store. I see them so frequently now, I don't feel the need to buy up all the stock!

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