Monday, November 23, 2009

Bhutan: common sights

As an introduction, I present to you some common-place sights and how they translate in Bhutan:

movie theatre:
the movie theatre

major urban intersection
the busiest intersection in Bhutan

gas station:
ornate gas station

government office block:
Bumthang office block

traffic jam:

police station:
Bjeezam police check post

transport truck:
Tata transporter

international airport:
delightful airport

poinsettia plant:
giant poinsettia

Not shown but... car wash = any cascading waterfall along a highway where you can pull up, grab the rag and bucket from your trunk and start scrubbing.

Could this be the best place in the world?

1 comment :

Miriam said...

Haha! Great way to show differences :) I liked the gov't office block. The traffic jam looks like one I saw in New Zealand, but with sheep.

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