Thursday, October 22, 2009

List: Bangkok To-Do

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Two weeks from now, I should be on my way to YYZ for my flight to HGK and onward to BKK. Although the focus of my holiday is Bhutan, no question, I'm also really excited to return to Bangkok. I was there for just four nights in 2007 and there are still lots of things for me to see and do. I'll be in Bangkok for five nights (three full days and two half days) this time. Here is my list of how I want to spend my time in Bangkok. I have often been criticized for planning ahead too much when it comes to holidays. I am a planner - I feel uneasy when no decisions or intentions have been laid out for something. Also, I don't want to arrive somewhere new, then set down to start thinking about where to go and when things are open and so on. It's before the trip starts that I want to spend time doing that sort of research - it's a waste of valuable hours in a new place to begin travel planning from scratch upon arrival. So, I plan ahead and keep a general idea of the days I have available to me before I arrive, that way I never show up at a museum or palace on a Monday when it's closed on Mondays. There is always time for spur-of-the-moment changes and unexpected opportunities or alterations to plans due to bad weather or local advice, of course.

Bangkok To-Do:
-Wat Arun, which I didn't see yet. Arriving by river ferry at early morning would be ideal.
-Lumphini Park and Suan Lum Night Market (if it is still in operation)
-I want to have a cocktail at the 61st storey Vertigo Moon Bar! Wow!
-Eat street food along Yaowarat Road (Chinatown) and Lumphini (avoiding food poisoning this time if possible)
-Ride the SkyTrain
-Return to Chatuchak Weekend Market
-Visit branches of my favourite Japanese stores in the Siam Square area (LOFT, Muji, Kinokuniya)
-Check out some of the other fashionable boutiques and shopping centres near Siam Square
-Possibly take a cooking class, if I can find one whose daily menu appeals to me for the day I can spare
-Walk around the older neighbourhoods, if I can figure out where these are...
-Drinks lots of fresh mango, pineapple and coconut drinks! Mmmm.

Is there anything else I should add?

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