Friday, September 18, 2009

The right to be ridiculous is something I hold dear.

Catching my breath after two shows of my 'three shows in five days' U2 frenzy.

The Unforgettable Fire
just Bono
Ultraviolet Love

Too sleep deprived for proper sentence structure. Also, my right eye got damaged somehow this week and I can't see properly to type. Anyway.

Key points:

Spending the day in the GA line-up on Wednesday and meeting people from all across North America
Time with friends during all that waiting
Scoring a primo spot at the front rail, so close I couldn't even see the stage design
Bono name-checking Toronto randomness like the TTC and Dupont Street
More smiles and love from Adam Clayton
Hearing and seeing so many of my favourite songs like

Until The End Of The World:
"I reached out for the one I tried to destroy"

The Unforgettable Fire:

New Year's Day:

Mysterious Ways:

Plus Stay (acoustic), Ultraviolet, Magnificent, City of Blinding Lights...
Also, the total groove overhaul of 'Go Crazy' which I so dislike on the album (example)
And... the second ever performance of Your Blue Room, which I feel was a gift for the geekiest of the U2 fans (um, like me).

satellite hook-up

More soon!

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