Sunday, September 27, 2009

Like loose electricity


Lifetime total of U2 concerts attended: now 8!

The trip to Boston to see last Sunday's show was really great... up until arrival at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro where the GA line-up was in total chaos in comparison to the Toronto Rogers Centre queues. Somehow, I ended up within the 'inner circle' of the stage set-up for this show as well as the first two. At Foxboro, despite being several hundred people back in the line-up, we found a spot dead centre by Bono's mic, just three people back from the front rail of the stadium. I'm still not sure how it happened. Maybe it had something to do with running to the field as dozens of cops and security guards screamed at us to walk for our own safety. Sunday's show's set-list was identical to Thursday's, but I still enjoyed it since the vantage point was so good. Standing at the centre, so close, I could really get a good look at the band interacting with each other, and they seemed to have quite a few jokes together that night. Anyway, the concert went off, then we tried to leave afterwards. I have never felt so appreciative of the Rogers Centre being right downtown, because it took four hours to get from the Gillette Stadium parking lot back to Boston. That included two hours just to get out of the parking lot. It was horrendous. I would go as far as saying that the trip home was so bad, it wouldn't have been worth going to the concert if we hadn't been front centre. We got back to A's apartment at 3am, I took a cab to Logan Airport at 4:15, my flight left at 6am, I landed in Toronto at 7:30 then I was in my desk before 9am. Rough night, but for a U2 show, I'll do it.

I'd have to say that in terms of the set-list and the whole emotionally overwhelming quasi-religious rock experience, the Vertigo tour was better for me. But, I'm just spoiled because I've seen five tours!

So, that's the end of my 360° tour experience. When the DVD comes out, I'll finally get to see what was going on with that massive stage, i.e. the entertainment for those in the seats. Farewell to The Claw, farewell to U2! Thanks to the people who made those hours of waiting less painful!

Farewell to The Claw

The rest of the photos and video are here.

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