Monday, September 07, 2009

finished project: Eyelet Cap

Vogue Knitting Eyelet Cap

I finished knitting the Eyelet Cap from the latest issue of Vogue Knitting (the one with ANTM Cycle 11 winner McKey on the cover). Thanks to Alexis for lending me the magazine.

Vogue Knitting Eyelet Cap - front

Here are the specs:
Pattern: Eyelet Cap, Vogue Knitting Fall 2009
Yarn: exactly 1 skein of Butterfly Mercerized Cotton Super 10 in an enchanting emerald green. I used cotton instead of the recommended merino since I tend to get itchy around the forehead.
Modifications: I made the fold-over ribbed band only 12 cm instead of the 20 cm in the pattern because it just looked like a little too much. Also, I used 3 mm needled throughout instead of the 3.5 mm ones in the pattern since everything I make turns out too big.
What I like: I like the eyelet pattern
What I don't like: The back of the hat is kind of too saggy. Maybe the weight of the cotton is to blame. Perhaps a spin in the dryer would tighten the whole thing up...
Things to work on: I did not make any errors at all in this project, but the shape of my finished product is much more cone-shaped than the finished one from the magazine. I guess my knitting style still has some shaping quirks.
How I'll be wearing it: with a little bit of fringe sticking out the front.
What's next: another lacy cotton beret!

Vogue Knitting Eyelet Cap - above
The shortened ribbed band

Vogue Knitting Eyelet - Cap side
Saggy cone at the crown of the hat


galipette paris said...

this is so pretty. you've inspired me to knit myself a winter hat now.

Team Knit ! said...

Very cute!! Looks awesome on you.

- Julie

healthies said...

great stuff you made it yourself?
how about yellow...

Green Tea

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