Friday, August 07, 2009

hands and feet

At the beginning of that (godawful) 'Lost In Translation' film, Scarlett Johansson mumbles something about girls who take mundane photos of their feet.

Yes. I am guilty, guilty, guilty of taking rather cliché photos of my feet. When I'm travelling, I look up, down, and all around me and sometimes, I like to remember that I was rooted to that particular spot, even for a few moments. For example:

Colonial Toes
refreshingly cool vintage tiles in my Phnom Penh hotel room...

Parque Josone's green pond
the eerily green pond in a romantic Varadero park...

Sweet Steps
the elaborate staircase at an upper east side NYC candy store...

Shoes: $3, Outback Safari: $500, View: Priceless
resting my exhausted self after climbing in extreme desert heat...

Urban Safari
encountering robust insects on a Hanoi street...

indulgent tourist's snapshot
a moment of Caribbean beach perfection.

I am also quite guilty of the disembodied hand photo, but due to my need to hold the camera with my right hand, these pictures all turn out to be more similar than the foot ones. Still, they appeal to my senses.

I remember the sizzling heat of Uluru's surface,

the rubbery, muscular texture of an Asian elephant's trunk,

the warmth of a sunny weekend,

the freshness of a suburban lotus pond,

the exotic flavour of black sesame soft serve in Kyoto,

the red centre
and the reason for the expression 'The Red Centre".

I rather like my hands and feet photos. If I acknowledge the cliché, it's fine to continue, yes?


Anonymous said...

I love all of these... awesome.

J-Dawg said...

Please continue. When they make digital photos scented you may want to stop :)
PS...I take some of these myself
PPS..."Mundane" sums up that crappy movie!

Rob Chant said...

At last, someone who feels the same way I do about Lost In Translation (although Bill Murray is always rather good).

loose leaf tea lover said...

Thats neat. I do the same with food that I think looks pretty. So my vacation trips have random dinner or lunch photos in them. Years later i look back and cant identify what the meal was. I love tea so I even take photos of the loose leaf teas in the glass tea pots. Call me crazy.

Luke in Progress said...

That candy store floor is awesome, and that pond is indeed slightly odd.

Monchie Horror said...

nice blog.

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