Wednesday, July 29, 2009

List: Proof that I'm trapped in the '90s

-Achtung Baby remains my all time favourite album. Since 1991, nothing else has come close.
-In a world where skinny jeans are a fashion must-have, I'm still wearing boot-cut dark indigo denim.
-I am constantly saying '95 when I mean 2005, '97 when I mean 2007, et cetera. Sorry, everyone.
-I'm still disappointed that Adorable and Jesus Jones never made it big. Glasvegas sounds like a Scottish Adorable, though, so I like them.
-Perhaps I'm slow to grasp trends, but I still watch The Simpsons every week in the hope that it will be funny again.
-I maintain a preference for very round-toed footwear.
-I still have a crush on the young Ewan McGregor.
-There are French francs and Italian lira in my collection of travel money. I should get rid of them, yes?
-Great big boots paired with a delicate, flowery vintage dress is a reasonable outfit, in my opinion.
-When I think of Radiohead, acoustic "Thinking About You" comes to mind rather than the later experimental stuff.
-Although I've removed the other extra piercings, I have yet to take out the pointless ring at the top of my left ear that I got in 1997.
-ZooTV can never be beaten as the most amazing concert experience ever.

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Simon said...

Have you seen "Spaced"?

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