Monday, June 08, 2009

Things to Love about Australia: Animal Sightings!

Cheeky Boy

Because I like to keep you guessing... notes from my Aussie Moleskine, November 2008.

Windshield Wildlife Count
grey kangaroo: 20 live, 2 roadkill
koala: about 18
echidna: 2
emu: about 12
wallaby: 1
feral camel: 11 live, 1 roadkill
red kangaroo: no live, 5 roadkill
wild horses: 18
euro (kangaroo): 3
wedge-tail eagle: 2

Wild Horses 2 (brumbies)
the cutest koala
perfect camoflage
Kangaroos, sheltering from the rain
forest dweller

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