Tuesday, April 07, 2009

List: Places I've been, but not really


There are places in this world that I've physically passed through, but which I haven't really experienced in any meaningful way. Here's the list:

Hong Kong - three hours at that amazing airport on the way home from Vietnam
Texas - two transfers at DFW on the way to and from Osaka
Fiji - a transfer at Nadi Airport on the way to Australia
Nagoya - zipped through on the bullet train twice
New Zealand - six hour lay-over in Auckland in the mid-80s
Boston - I've driven through it twice, never saw much beyond the Harvard neighbourhood
Shimonoseki, Japan - transfer from train to ship via a shuttle bus
Glasgow - driven through twice without stopping
Yongin, South Korea - spent a day at a tourist village there, saw nothing of the real town
Naples - I saw only what lies on the walk between the train station and the museum
Los Angeles - many LAX transfers, a trip to Disney Land in 1986
Birmingham and Manchester - just passin' through on a highway coach

Inspired by the Secret Society of List Addicts! What's your list of places you've been, but not really?


Eva said...

Bangkok - layover
Spain - traveled through on the way to Portugal
Cleveland - layover
Philadelphia - layover
Liechtenstein - traveled through by train (it was so tiny!)

And just last week I spent a night in Alexandria, Virginia, but only because I had to be in Washington DC. I'm not sure if I should count it. I did sleep there, and I walked around a bit in the town, but I tended to think of it more as an extension of Washington. I did add VA to my map of places Ive been, because DC is so invisibly small and I was definitely SOMEWHERE...

Rob Chant said...

I can't comment on most of those places, but that was definitely the right way to treat Manchester and Birmingham, and most definitely the right way to treat Glasgow!

Andrea said...

I can now add:


since my flight to Bhutan stopped at Bodh Gaya Airport to refuel. Ah, India! I've seen you and landed on you but not set foot on you.
Also, I have now spent an additional 7 hours at the Hong Kong airport without going outside, but I have now been to Boston properly, for 3 days.

Andrea said...

I can now also add Bangladesh! Two stops at Dhaka airport in and out of Bhutan.

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