Tuesday, February 03, 2009

tourist in my own town

Simon and J-Dawg got it right- this is indeed the CN Tower, Toronto's icon. They were also right about it costing too much to ride up the tower, which is why I hadn't returned since my first visit 20 years ago. Except! During Winterlicious, if you have lunch or dinner at Horizons atop the tower, your ticket skywards costs ten bucks. I had the $25 dinner and it was definitely one of the best -licious meals I've had. I recommend the pumpkin cheesecake with a side of skyline:
Looking west towards the curve of the bay
Looking north-east towards Yonge and Dundas
After your meal, you can explore the observation decks like a regular tourist. Look! Only a glass floor prevents me from plummeting 350 m! OMG, scary!
Naw, it's fine.
Since a year and a half ago, the CN Tower has been lit up with different colours and effects every night, so that it resembles a big plastic swizzle stick. I just found out that you can actually request that certain colours be used on certain days. Sadly, a personal occasion is not a good enough reason to keep the tower glowing purple.
Purple City

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