Monday, February 23, 2009

31 today

Another trip around the sun completed!

Just playing around with my new camera - a Panaonic Leica DMZ-LZ10 - a conveniently timed birthday gift from dad. I'm still getting to know it. So far, the many settings and resulting photos are good but the waiting time between shots is surprisingly long. That bubble gum pink silk dress is a present from Rich. I wouldn't usually opt for pink in any situation, but the dreariness of February is getting to me. Sadly, it is too cold to wear my new dress today (-19˚C at the moment). Bring on springtime!

My Globe and Mail horoscope: If your birthday is today, you will be inspired to do something out of the ordinary this year, something that not only makes you feel good but makes other people feel happier too. Most of all though you will set an example by refusing to let cynicism have any place in your life.

Cafeastronomy tells me: this is a year when you are likely closing important projects or "chapters" in your life. You may be itching to do something new, but you are perhaps unsure about what that "something" is!



J-Dawg said...

Sometimes the wait time between photos can be blamed on your memory card. Buying a fast, professional card rather than an inexpensive card can make a world of difference.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Andrea! I'm extremely honored to share a birthday with someone as awesome as you.

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