Monday, January 26, 2009

a Letter Home from Cupcake Camp Toronto

Picture almost 400 sugar fiends crashing a party for 100: cupcake chaos! This terrific video by Suresh will show you exactly what it was like on the front lines of Cupcake Camp Toronto.

Spotlight - Cupcake Camp Toronto '09 from Suresh on Vimeo.

As you can see, every cupcake presented to the crowd was snatched up within fractions of a second. You'd think none of us had eaten for days.

with a cherry on top

I was able to grab a total of three cupcakes during the event: Hungarian Doboush torte, lemon meringue and pina colada. I also had a bite of the carrot and the maple pecan. My favourite was the pina colada, perhaps because I'm still thinking fondly of my vacation.


chocolatey trophy

I thought it would be fun to participate so I made black sesame cupcakes, again. When I arrived at Cupcake Camp and I got a look at the other goodies, I realized that most of the other bakers were professionals. Yikes. I'm so amateur, I even had insufficient green tea icing for my measly 16 cuppies.

33% of my contribution

Pro or not, each baker got to say a few words before we were mobbed by the starving masses. I'm not going to lie: it was scary to be lunged at like that. My heart was racing for some time afterwards.

Talkin' 'bout cupcakes.


Besides the crush of the crowd and the low cupcake-to-person ratio, I enjoyed the event. Perhaps a different distribution scheme would work better for next time but the cupcakes themselves couldn't be improved upon! Congratulations to the organizers!

One of each for the FoodTV tasters!

Update: Ooooh my gosh, you guys! The ladies from the Food Network thought my cupcakes had the best flavor combination! It's all thanks to a great recipe and my unending romance with black sesame. Kurogoma, I love you still.


Anonymous said...

I so regret not going now! Sure, I got lots of work done, but I could have had cupcakes...

Anonymous said...


As the biggest self-professed cupcake fan in history, I'm so upset I wasn't in town for this, but I'm really glad it went well.

Rob Chant said...

Awesome cupcakes! I'm intrigued by this black sesame business. I might have to try the recipe myself...

suresh said...

Thanks for the plug Andrea!

Love your hairstyle
Love your blog!

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