Sunday, January 18, 2009

Desert Dreams

Another post about feelings of disconnect. I'm working hard this weekend to upload my photos from the Central Desert in Australia, meanwhile, we're on extreme cold alert here in Toronto with up to 15 cm of snow expected.

When I was in the Northern Territory, it was in the 40s (˚C) every day. The high heat became the focus of all of my action, thought and feeling. Extreme temperatures in either direction make me very emotional. However, sometimes, I'll look at the forecast here and I'll catch myself thinking, "Oh, -18˚C? That's not bad at all." So, I guess my perception of normal temperature is skewed slightly towards the negatives.


Why is 'sunset viewing' a vacation thing? Why don't we stop to watch the sun descend on ordinary days?

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J-Dawg said...

I do. Twilight is my favorite time of day. It's harder in the winter because the sun sets before I leave work. Sometimes I'll stand up from my cubical at 4:30 and I look west and there's that big ball of orange sinking into the snowy landscape.

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