Thursday, January 29, 2009

camera sadness

Has anyone in Toronto found a pink Sony Cybershot DSC T-10? The one pictured here? Somebody has but they're keeping it to themselves.

I lost my camera. Can't believe it. I'm so careful with my things, I rarely lose track of anything. I've taken that camera around the U.S., Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and Cuba but I lost it just up the street at the El Mocambo last Saturday night. So infuriating. I think what might have happened is that I was putting it in my purse (in the dark) but I somehow missed and it fell behind chairs and into shadows. It was never turned in at the venue. I got no satisfaction from Craigslist Lost and Found. My name and e-mail are on the memory card, but I haven't been contacted.

Here's the very last photo I uploaded from the camera, image number 3886. A farewell cocktail. So sad!

"The best pina colada in Cuba",

The thing is, I am saving up to buy an SLR camera because the point-and-shoot definitely leaves me unsatisfied sometimes. But, I never intended to give up the little Sony. For one thing, it's so small and discreet, I can carry it with me always which is best for unexpected photos of everyday casual randomness. Another thing is that I have taken that camera around the world with me, plus it was a thoughtful gift from someone I used to be close with. That aspect is irreplaceable, I know. The question now is this: do I invest in another compact camera now and start saving anew for an SLR, or do I get the SLR as soon as I can afford it and just rely on one big camera for everything?


Anonymous said...

small cameras are handy. big cameras are great for really great pictures, but not the best for all events/occasions. both is your best bet, i think.

sorry to hear it is gone.

Phil said...

The best camera is the one you have with you. I just went back to SLR myself, but I was always more of the SLR type: they just feel better to me, but, if you truly enjoy carrying a camera everywhere you go, I'd stick with a P&S if I were you. Panasonic just annoyed some really nice ones

Furthermore, you really do take lovely pictures, and, in my experience, a good photographer can take nice picture with pretty much any camera.

Netts said...

i'm really sorry to hear that. i'd be heartbroken if i lost my camera. and i know the SLR dilemma well. i want one very badly myself and yet i wonder if i'll use it nearly as much as my little canon. some of my best pictures might still be the ones i take with the camera i happen to have in my pocket at the right moment, which is unlikely to be a big SLR. so i think you should get a new p&s first. here's the one i have: it's getting cheaper all the time (pretty sure it cost almost double that when i got it) and i think it has enough manual functions to keep you happy until you get an SLR. which one were you thinking of getting btw?

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